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香港青年色士風樂團(HKYSC)成立於2010年7月,為香港註冊非牟利藝術團體 - 香港青年色士風樂手轄下之樂團,由本地著名薩克斯管樂手曾敏思小姐創辦。樂團現分為初團(7-12歲)、中團(8-14歲/英國皇家音樂學院3級色士風或以上)及高團(15歲以上/英國皇家音樂學院8級色士風或音樂系主修色士風之學生或畢業生),三團合共約三十多名團員。當中在樂團成長的團員們,有部份亦已成為現時首屈一指的色士風演奏家,足跡踏遍世界各地。時至今日,樂團仍然繼續致力培育更多有熱誠之色士風愛好者,同時以幫助更多年青人認識及接觸色士風音樂為宗旨,希望透過樂團恆常排練及定期演出,讓青年人可以得到培訓,從而認識及接觸到色士風音樂;與此同時亦希望可以建立一個平台,讓香港年青新一代之色士風演奏家可以有機會發展所長,透過我們之音樂會,把演奏者自身的經驗及所見所學一同去分享,以生命影響生命,讓更多有志成為專業演奏家的年青人作為借鏡,繼續努力追尋音樂成就及夢想。



The Hong Kong Youth Saxophone Choir (HKYSC) was founded in July 2010 by the well-known Hong Kong saxophonist Miss Man Sze Tsang. The ensemble group is under the registered non-profit organization Hong Kong Youth Saxophonist. The HKYSC is divided into a junior section (7-13 years old), an intermediate section (8-14 years old / ABRSM G3 Saxophone or above) and a senior section (over 15 years old / ABRSM G8 Saxophone or above / music major students or graduates) and has more than 30 members in total. Some of the members who grew up in the saxophone choir are now leading saxophonists in Hong Kong and perform all over the world. To this day, the HKYSC is committed to nurturing more passionate saxophone lovers. At the same time, we aim to introduce more children and young people to saxophone music through regular rehearsals and performances. At the same time, HKYSC hopes to provide a platform for the new generation of saxophonists in Hong Kong to develop their strengths. At our rehearsals and concerts, players will share their own experiences and what they have seen and learned. As life influences life, more young people who aspire to become professional saxophonists will take reference and continue to work hard to pursue their musical achievements and dreams.

Last Updated: 11-12-2023


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